Staying on trend is a passion of ours.  JOIN US at DRYtini Blow Dry & Beauty Bar.  Bringing the atmosphere of the salon with more than the traditional salon services, and adding a twist (with a lemon that is).  Here we have one focus: STYLE.  Our customers come to relax and get pretty before that big night out, or just to find some chill time and hang with the girls.


Our Story

DRYtini's parent company, Appease Inc. set a trend in mobile spa services in the Chicagoland area starting back in 2003.  Our artisans work in fashion, bridal, media and the private sector.  Staying on trend is always a focus. 

Our Vision

To bring the latest salon trend to you at an affordable rate with upscale treatment.  To share our passion, knowledge and experience with hair and makeup in today's beauty industry, while having a GREAT time.